Celebrity and Third-Party Management


Celebrity and Third-Party Management

Celebrities add the required glamour and glitz to an event. Inviting celebrities to an event is a decades-old strategy that helps businesses to succeed in getting the attention of the masses. If you are also planning to invite a celebrity to any corporate or personal event, then you can trust BrainWaves Creations to handle the task for you.

We will contact the rich & famous celebrities in the field of cinema, sports, fashion or politics and collaborate with them to ensure that they attend your event. Though this event promotion strategy is costly, every penny is worth it if you manage to get the attention of the right audience. You can make the entire event worthier of money by ensuring that high-quality videos are captured and leaked in the media.

In case you want to save some bucks while opting for this strategy, it is suggested that you consider budding artists to promote your event. An artist would use your brand power to promote himself or herself while the presence of a true artist who can entertain or hold the attention of the crowd will make your event successful.

As a part of our artist management/celebrity management service, we will not only coordinate with the artists but will also take care of planning logistics, security, travel, etc. Our staff members will take the necessary permissions from local authorities like the municipality. We would also take care of the tiny details involved in the process such as setting up the stage and checking the mike is working flawlessly. The sound and lighting features we add to the venue would enhance the success of the event, and the unparalleled support we provide to the celebrity will ensure that the celebrity wants to work with your brand over and over again.